Historic Huntley Fall Special Event

On September 27, 2014, Historic Huntley hosted a special event featuring architectural Legos and a panel discussion on the site’s history and discoveries made both before and during the restoration, featuring Richard Bierce and Stephen Ortado.  The Legos were fascinating for children of all ages and the panel discussion was very illuminating.

Huntley Meadows Names Visitor’s Center for Norma Hoffman

On May 5, 2013, Huntley Meadows Park named its visitor’s center for Norma Hoffman, recognizing her for decades of service to Huntley Meadows Park and Historic Huntley.  Friends, family and fellow volunteers joined to honor her.  (Below, Harry Glasgow gives Norma a plaque commemorating the naming.)

Historic Huntley Special Event

On April 13, 2013, nearly 200 people came to Huntley for a special event as 1st Lieutenant Willard Longnecker and several of his fellow re-enactors of the 3rd US Infantry Regiment Company B, “The Old Guard,” recreated Civil War history at Huntley. They were joined by farm tenant George W. Johnson, recreated by Jon Vrana, who told the story of a civilian who tried to keep a farm going while it was overrun with soldiers.


Grand Opening Celebration

We can’t forget the Grand Opening Celebration, May 12, 2012, which celebrated the completion of the restoration of Historic Huntley.  Click here for lots more information and photos from the event.

Mantel Restoration Completed!

Thanks to many generous donations, the mantel in the main room of Huntley has begun. The mantel was handcrafted and original to the property, but has been damaged over the last 190 years, not to mention having its woodwork hidden under many coats of paint.

The restoration was performed by Stephen Ortado, a local master carpenter who has worked at Gunston Hall.